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Androokie Drop Down Ceiling Clip to 360 rotating mount to 1/4-20 Female to 3/8 Male thread. This rigging clip will allow you to hang Astera pixel brick AX3 & Ax5 light fixture!
Precaution:Safety is a Key Factor. Always secure your light with any other means such as a cable safety! Weight Limit 10lbs

Androokie Industries Magnet Kits 


Androokie Small Kit

16- 43mm Magnets with 1/4 - 20 Male Threads 
2- Pull Handles with 1/4- 20 Female Threads 
1- Instructional Sheet 
1- Case

Retail Price $250 

Androokie Industries Pro Kits 


Androokie Kits

Magnets Kits are the perfect grip companion for your Astera Titan, Helios and even Hyperion tubes. All Magnets have a 1/4"-20 Thread and come in two diameters, 43mm and 66mm


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